Our Cause

The reason to be Tshidinda Internationale Foundation is translated with a view to carrying the reason of the divesting by working in the defence of their rights and at their well-being of society. In traves different plans and actions led on ground, FTI works to improve it of living conditions of the vulnerable persons, by putting a particular accent on those who live in zones displayed to conflicts in Democratic Republic of Congo.

To give again human dignity to the divested persons devoid of any resources is therefore the hobbyhorse of Tshidinda Internationale Foundation. To promote their autonomisation, the basics of efforts of this deck compete in support of the local initiatives centered on the education of the said disadvantaged children “children of the street”. So therefore, is envisaged the building of the centres of literacy tuition. Tshidinda Internationale foundation also encourages the promotion of agriculture, this one being one of the pillars of sustainable development on the base. This registers in the favorisation of the socioeconomic autonomisation of the widowed women, young unmarried mothers and of young people at a loose end.

The creation of the centres of strengthening of capacity in the manual jobs such as the cut and sewing and the joinery appears in the plan of action of FTI. To give in the divesting the possibility of having access to the adequate healthcare, Tshidinda Internationale foundation casts the building of hospital complexes in the corners of the country which it will have identified in a specific way. This interest is especially fed with a view to seeing becoming blurred infantile and maternal mortality, but also to tell epidemics by announcing good deeds to be put down in the daily.

Moreover, Tshidinda Internationale Foundation remains opened to adapt its actions according to needs demonstrated by the target population.