When one are still waiting to receive others give what they have to offer happiness to others.

« The most beautiful woman in the world, does give what it has », said one ! so, it is with the little that one has hands that helping others. It is in the logic of thought that the FTI  decide to begin to provide assistance to those in need.

That serve our goods when we don’t shave it with others ? what our wealth or abundance when one is unable to be used to relived the pain of others ? is- we’re not more happy by being a source of blessing to others ?

Why support the other ?

Giving is the best of stocks that exist. Thanths to he we make the world a better, we gives smiles and we do radiate joy and the face of sad hearts.

In exercising charity, liberality, the world remains the some… also insignificantly may seem like your act of, tenderness, you know it does move the world.

Listen to the cries of these children uprooted their families and at school. These children for whom the future looks good more dark …

Close chese your ayes and see the suffering of abused women.

Feel the pain of these families torn apart, of these villages destroyed by design see these widows, widowers and orphans…

 Made a few things !

The Tshidinda International Foundation is heve to allow you to touch lives, transform and change things to the East of DRC for the good being vulnerable.