About Us

The Tshidinda Internationale foundation (FTI in acronym) is a structure which struggles against poverty and discrimination of the divesting in the Congolese society (RDC). It assists socially the vulnerable persons (the widows, the orphans, the children said about the street) who live in precariousness. This structure also works for the improvement of the socioeconomic conditions of the edge of the Congolese population which lived in zones in conflict by supporting plans of development on the base.

The vision of the Tshidinda Internationale foundation is that of a fair and equitable Congolese society, where the rights of each other are respected regardless of their social rank. FTI is a spokesperson and defender of the cause of the underprivileged.

To help persons who are in the need, Tshidinda International foundation harvests funds to the international benefactors. The received money allows him to accomplish charitable writings where necessity comes.

Tshidinda International foundation has two current accounts for the harvest of funds. The one, configured with the link of the site web, for transactions thanks to a card aimed; other one is of use for transfers and transfers which can make web independently of the site. In it is added the harvest of funds which can make to big associations such as churches, schools, big sports clubs, etc. Tshidinda Internationale foundation (FTI in acronym) is the initiative of Blaise Tshidinda Joseph. This last is also founder of the Friendly of the Young Congoleses called “Bomoko“. Formed in International Relations, in International law and in Sociology, Blaise Tshidinda Joseph leant over questions linked to the living conditions of the vulnerable persons in zones in conflicts, notably east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Having palpated the extreme precariousness which live these men, women and children, he decided to create, 17 march 2016, this foundation with a view to bringing a relief in difficulties that live this edge of the population